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Logarithms Booklet This booklet explains what is meant by a logarithm. It states and illustrates the laws of llogarithms. It explains the standard bases 10 and e. Finally it shows how logarithms can be used to solve certain types of equations MathsCentre
What is A Logarithm? Worksheet This leaflet explains logarithms MathsCentre
6.3 Logarithms Workbook Invert b = an using logarithms + simplify expressions involving logarithms + change bases in logarithms HELM
Introduction to Logarithms Worksheet On completion of this worksheet you should understand the definition of a logarithm and the laws of logarithms and be able to use these to simplify expressions Coventry University
6.4 The Logarithmic Function Workbook Explain the relation between the logarithm and the exponential function + solve equations involving exponentials and logarithms HELM
Logs - Changing the Base Worksheet Sometimes it is necessary to find logs to bases other then 10 and e. There is a formula which enables us to do this. This leaflet states and illustrates the use of this formula MathsCentre
Solving Equations Involving Logarithms and Exponentials Worksheet This leaflet shows how simple equations involving logarithms or exponentials can be solved MathsCentre
6.6 Log-linear Graphs Workbook Decide when to use log-linear graph paper + use log-linear graph paper to analyse functions of the form y = kapx HELM
Solving Equations Using Logs Worksheet Logs can be used to solve equations when the unknown occurs as a power, this leaflet explains how MathsCentre
The Laws of Logarithms Worksheet This leaflet explains and illustrates the laws governing the manipulation of logarithms MathsCentre
The Laws of Logarithms Worksheet There are rules, or laws, which are used to rewrite expressions involving logs in different forms. This leaflet states and illustrates these rules MathsCentre
The Laws of Logarithms Worksheet There are a number of rules known as the laws of logarithms. These allow expressions involving logarithms to be rewritten in a variety of different ways. The laws apply to logarithms of any base, but the same base must be used throughout a calculation MathsCentre
The Logarithm Function Worksheet This leaflet provides a table of values and a graph of the logarithm function MathsCentre
What is A Logarithm ? Worksheet Logarithms can be used to write expressions involving powers in alternative forms. This leaflet explains how MathsCentre
Logarithms Video - 34 mins Logarithms appear in all sorts of calculations in engineering and science, business and economics. Before the days of calculators they were used to assist in the process of multiplication by replacing the operation of multiplication by addition MathTutor
Logarithms Worksheet We use logarithms to write expressions involving powers in a different form. If you can work confidently with powers, you should have no problems handling logarithms MathCentre

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